Interactive Digital Signage Stand


Interactive Digital Signage Floor Stand

User-Defined Layout

  • User can design different layouts according to different content;
  • Take the layout template or design layout;
  • It supports background image and music;
  • The time zone can display current time and date;
  • Weather zone display weather type, time, text, and logo in 24 hours/48 hours/72 hours;
  • Image zone can be set as a static image or select various kinds of image switch effect, including scrolling, cut-in, gird effect, etc;
  • Message zone can be set as static or scrolling text, supports news and RSS;
  • Display logo on the specific location on screen and logo can overlay other images;
  • There are multiple ways to display scrolling message;
  • Set one zone as the main playback zone, and the program will end at the end of this zone;
  • According to the program, it can set layout size, including landscape and portrait mode.

Playback Content

  • Playback content includes video, image, audio, message, subtitle, time, date, weather, news, etc;
  • Video formats include WMV, MPG2/4, RMVB, DAT, VOB, XVID, DIVX, AVI, TS, H.263/H.264, MOV, FLV, etc in 1080P decode;
  • Image formats include almost all image formats, such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, etc;
  • Message can set font, size, color, and background color or transparent background;
  • Time and date in Chinese, English, and other formats, sync with the server and is accurate by the minute;

Content Management

  • Content can be managed and classified by category;
  • Category type is similar to Windows explorer;
  • Create/delete/rename a category on the server;
  • Upload content to a category according to different classifications;
  • Upload different content from local hard disk or network folder;
  • Support continuous upload from breakpoint;
  • Set download time of player content to avoid busy hour and keep system stability;

Program and Campaign

  • Contain Idel-Loop campaign, On-Demand campaign, and Inter-Cut campaign;
  • Play or pause a program if you want and the pause program will not be deleted from the player;
  • The priority of campaign: Inter-Cut campaign>On-Demand campaign>Idle-Loop campaign;
  • The Idle-Loop campaign can be repeated every several days, for example, the repeated days are a week, and it will display different programs every day;
  • Inter-Cut time, end time, playback counts of Inter-Cut campaign are optional;
  • On-Demand campaign is triggered by hardware or software command, and displays one or several programs as the set count;

Group Management

  • User management players by group according to the details, for example, location, network, commercial, player model, etc;
  • According to setting the player group and campaigning programs, it can satisfy various complicated requirements of clients;
  • Grouping is in tree-directory structure, allows multilevel group, easy to manage and understand;
  • Without specific command, all of the settings and content of players are the same in the same group, such as playback content, hardware configurations, download time, etc;
  • Users can send the specific configurations to one or several players in the same group according to the details.


  • Strict audit system to manage playback content and avoid mistake;
  • According to manage content in details, such as preview uploaded content and audit them, approve/refuse current campaign, user can manage player;
  • Manage the access level of users by defining the user's roles;
  • Admin can set up users, and select roles to a different user;
  • User login server through IP address via a web browser, input user name, and password and then manage the system;
  • Default user name and password are available.

Player Configuration

  • Get rid of manual work and increase player life cycle through setting power on/off time; Select network connection way and set network configuration, set DHCP/Static IP address, WiFi authentication/encryption method, 3G account, etc;
  • Set video output and resolution, such as CVBS, VGA, HDMI, YPbPr, 1080P, 720P, 480P, etc;
  • Adjust volume at a different time;
  • Upgrade firmware through requirements.

Playback Monitoring

  • Playback monitoring function make user learn the current and historical situation of the player without going to the installation place;
  • When there is something wrong with the player or network of player, it will inform the related administrator to let them know well about the system;
  • Remote check player network status, including on/offline status and recent hearbeat time, etc;
  • Check the history hearbeat time of some player;
  • Check system log, such as power on time, download start/end time, etc;
  • Get player online rate directly;
  • Auto alarm when a player has been offline for a long time, or improper power on/off, etc;
  • Check playback status by taking a screenshot.


  • Statistics function make users get the playback information and offer reliable data to study system;
  • Check the playback list during a certain time and in some group, including playback counts, playback start/off time, etc;
  • The system will get the playback counts and time of some file automatically;
  • Check statistics by player name and file name;
  • Get player availability ratio, means that how much percent normal working time of a player of a group player takes in gross time during a certain time.

Live News

  • Player realizes to display real-time message through the interface connection with server;
  • Switch real-time content from the server;
  • Convert real-time message to form, image, and other stypes to increase message arrival rate, more advanced than the traditional model.

Touch Support

  • Set touch zone and area
  • Set touch action